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What keeps you up at night?

If your me it's most things, it's when my brain goes into hyper, lets think about everything, drive. But there's been one thought nagging me for a while. Our foot print on this earth.

I'm a big picture kinda person. My husband say's I over think things too much, but he can't tell me i'm thinking to much on this one. Plastic bothers me.

It bothers me that it doesn't breaks down, it bothers me what it's made of, it bothers me that one day we will probably all be extinct with an earth covered in plastic.

I was already in the process of making the eco move but this picture confirmed it for me.

This picture from is SCARY.

As humans we make things. Things we need. Things we want. Things to make life easy.

But where does it come from and where does it go? Yep the tip/ rubbish dump when we don't like it or want it any more. When it has exceeded it's use, see ya later. 

Did you know there are ISLANDS, in the sea, MADE OF PLASTIC. They may not be on our back door in Australia but they are on someones. We contribute to this!

Photo taken from

So the long and short is what are we going to do about it? 

Mummy's pretties are beginning to make baby steps. 

Where possible I use biodegradable packaging. Cotton or paper bags, cardboard packing boxes and I will cease to use clear cellophane to package your online goods. My next step is have all my tags and business cards made from recycled paper when I make my next order. These steps are small but we all need to make small choices make an impact.

Another change will be that my necklaces previously strung on 1mm leather will now be strung on 100% biodegradable cotton. This product looks exactly like the leather and is stronger wearing but no animals were harmed in the making, definitely a plus!

Obviously my primary medium polymer clay is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) base. This does sadden me. I am looking for an alternative and i'm looking at a few wooden creations.

I do hope that as my loving customers you all make your purchase with the intent to wear your pretties for years to come. I'd hate to know they ended up on the rubbish pile of the sea.






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