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Briana Kennedy

Hello Everyone,
Welcome to Mummy's Pretties!
My name is Briana, lovely to meet you xx
I'm 28, mum to three wonderful, sometimes drive me crazy, kids. I have a wonderful supportive husband who is a tinkerer like myself and we both aren't very good at 'down time'. I love to be creative. I love supporting small business, people with a dream and a passion. 
I started Mummy's Pretties first as an accidental hobby. People who know me know I am always making or creating something! I personally found a complete lack of commercial made jewellery to my liking and really I prefer to know that an actual person made something i've bought, so I decided to give making my own a crack!
First attempts were pretty basic but as time has gone on I have mastered new skills and taught myself new techniques to become what Mummy's Pretties is today.
Stay tuned for more about me xx


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  • Hey Nana, your website is amazing you have done an awesome job at it and your coming a very long way with your jewellery I’m very proud of you.
    I will defintley be buying your jewellery and so will Piper.
    Love Myra xx

    Myra Boucher

  • Excellent Briana now time to relax a little


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