My Motivation - Practicality with Style

Briana Kennedy

Do you own jewellery that you bought that looks amazing but is a pain to wear?

Yep we all have that necklace that we love but pinches the back of our neck. The bracelet that forever get snagged on your hand bag, or in my case the door handle. Why is it always the door handle?

Then you get flung back looking like an idiot. Cursing under your breath while desperately trying to get free while being discreet. Oh the embarrassment!

Well I was sick of it! With 3 kids I'm always running around like a headless chook trying to do things quickly but was being held back from wearing jewellery. Why because it was impractical. So I decided to put functionality into my designs.

KATIE Collection for example - Magnetic clasp the just snaps together and swivels to lock. One customer pointing out " This is AMAZING for ladies with long nails!!" Not only that but KATIE is strung on a gorgeous soft cotton cord that doesn't rub on your neck. Her shorter style is perfect for mummy's on the go. It doesn't get caught and is perfect for mums who are breastfeeding. Why should we sacrifice having pretty things because of practicability?

Anyone else have that one earring? You lost the other one because it fell out when you were out and about, or your little one decided to pull it out?

All my earring styles are made to stay on. My pendant earrings are made with posts and clutches or a leaver back design to ensure your not on your hands and knees looking for that earring. It's the worst!

NO MORE LADIES, no more excuses.

Here's cheers to practicality with style,

because you deserve it!

xx Briana


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