What a Waste.

Briana Kennedy

Have you ever received a package in the mail & opened it up only to find a small item in a giant box. Filled with bubble wrap or plastic air pouches and thought.. what a waste?
This drives me nuts! Not only do I then need to dispose of said packaging, which always takes up more space than the item it's self & you usually then have to open more plastic packaging to get to the actual product.

With so many simple Eco friendly packaging options out there there is NO EXCUSE to ONLY use plastic. Obviously it is in our lives and yes it has it's uses. But if we can cut down the amount used we can all do our bit to making a cleaner world for future generations.
What is Mummy's Pretties doing to help the environment I hear you ask?
Well I myself am doing my very best to remove all plastic from my packaging.
All my product cards come from Vista print Australia and are printed on recycled card stock, or they are from Moo in the UK who pride themselves on sustainable sourced card stock and recycled packaging.
I am now using tissue paper to wrap all my products and I am currently on the hunt for a recycled source.
No more plastic pouches!
I only use white paper gift bags or calico drawstring bags for some purchases which can be reused or recycled.
This will extend to wholesale orders as well, so If you know of any great eco friendly packing options please let me know.
What can you do to help?
REUSE - Yep that's right, Please reuse your pretties packaging. Store your earrings in the pouch provided, or reuse the tissue paper. Save it for kiddies crafts, that last minuet gift.
RECYCLE - If you can't or won't use it again please recycle it. I don't use a lot of wrapping so it will easily fit into your recycling. If we all do our bit we can take steps towards a waste free future! 
  • 8.6 Plastic shopping bags contain enough petroleum to run a car for 1km.(Why aren't we doing something about this?)
  • Australians are the second largest producers of waste. We send 690 Kilo of waste to landfill each year. Yuck!
  • Many thousands of sea animals die each year due to ingesting plastic. Once they decompose the plastic is free to enter water systems again repeating it's tragic effects.
  • Plastic bags last from 20 - 1 000 years... EEEK I'm currently seeing a world smothered in plastic!
I can not urge you enough to please put your soft plastic in the recycle bins provided at the big name supermarkets. Take your own bags with you or carry your items & use your recycle bin properly! I don't know how many times I have to tell my children the recycling is not a rubbish bin.
Re-purpose - Reuse - Recycle
Briana xxx
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