What ROCKS My World...

Briana Kennedy

Some people collect teapots, some collect coins, but I collect rocks.
 Ever since I was little I’ve was obsessed with rocks and stones.
It doesn’t matter if they are amazing in shape, bland or sparkly. I just seem to be drawn to them.
I have an intense urge to touch them, hold them, feel their weight and shape.
Throughout the years I have put together a rock collection myself which I now lovingly share with my stepson, it’s clear he has the rock bug too. Some of these rocks I’ve found myself, some I have purchased, & others have been given me.
(This is just a small amount of my favorites from my
combined collection with my stepson.)
When I was younger my parents even bought me a rock pick for my 11th or 12th birthday, yep just what every little girl wants right! Ha ha!
When it comes to their spiritual pull, their vibrations or their negative or positive influence on how we feel I can neither confirm or deny my belief.
I just know they make me as excited as a kid a Christmas.
(This is the only picture I could find of myself at around that age. I am pictured at the top and my sister below. I think this was taken on one of our many camping adventures.)
Rock Picking as a Kid
I still remember being a young child walking along our local beach, not worried about the water and the waves but excited about looking at the shells and stones. It was almost like I was looking for some magical treasures to pop up at me. It still excites me wandering along the beach now as an adult with my young daughter. I often think I am more excited than she is!
Our family camping trips were always the best time for me to rock hunt. The best one of all being when we went to Zeehan in North West Tasmania and Derby in Northern Tasmania. Both were once mining towns and I was given the opportunity to gold pan. I still have my little bag of semi-precious stones I found and whether they are valuable or not they mean the world to me. 
I think it was after this specific trip I was given my rock pick for my birthday. I tell you what, it was one of the most exciting presents I have ever received.
Just like that I was out smashing every rock I could find. Scratching them out from the bare earth with the tip of my pick and smashing them in half in hope of finding some magical crystals. Obviously, this didn’t happen, but the anticipation of the possibility was amazing.
 I did discover a lot of quartz, granite and sandstone and still have these pieces in my collection today.
It wasn’t until we went to Queensland and went thunder egg hunting that I finally found a real beauty! I still remember the hot day, climbing around a hilly area looking for baseball size round stones. After searching for what felt like forever my brother, sister and I took our finds back to the main shed along with my parents. Here our stones were cut open to reveal the most gorgeous natural looking geodes. I still remember my excitement to this day, but do you think I can actually find any of the thunder eggs we brought home?
What do rocks mean to me now?
Rocks and minerals fill my home. 
They are on windowsills inside and out. They are in my lounge room and we have many salt lamps. Some make me feel calm and others make me feel excited. I have a gorgeous quartz point in my studio to help me focus when working.
I can't deny they all have different but amazing energy.
(Just some of the pieces around my home.
I just love bringing nature inside.)
It may or may not be obvious, but my love of stones has followed over to my jewellery work with polymer clay. The freedom of being able to work with clay and create my own stone look pieces in the colours and forms that I want is absolutely satisfying.
 I have been incorporating real stones into some bracelet pieces previously and there will be more exciting new products to come. Personally, I prefer rough, raw stones as they tell a story for me and look more natural.
Eventually I hope to be working with more stones I have collected myself but for now the satisfaction of creating my own from clay is enough.
I have a little board on Pinterest dedicated to my future ideas and concepts & whenever I get time I love play with new materials.
Watch this space xx

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