Why Purchase Hand Made?

Briana Kennedy

There is so many options now when it comes to purchasing unique trendy items. The temptation to buy more and spend less is always there. Big chain stores always blasting adds in our faces about how their prices have dropped again... 

Awesome you hear the little voice in your head say,

"I saw that hand made item for double the price the other day, lets grab it."

I'm not saying there is anything wrong with this! I've done it, we all need to save money and we all have families but sometimes we just buy it simply because the temptation is there and the item is CHEAP.

But WHERE do they come from?

Each Item we buy has a footprint. The materials, the labor, the shipping, storage when it arrives to the county then the delivery again to the store.

For example take a squizz at this manufacture flow chart for Levi's Jeans.

Picture taken from -

Hand Made helps to remove some of these processes!

It cuts down the foot print because you can buy direct from the maker.

So WHO makes these cheaper items?

Well often it is a machine so you get copy after copy with no unique character usually with easy to replicate machine design technique not a person's skills. Or it's an under paid person in a developing country. Not fun to Support!

When you support hand made you support a local person, who has small family or, brother's, sister's or parents who they are helping support. They aren't trying to sell you a product but a passion! A lot have often left the comfort of the 9-5 to do what they love. 

 This little poppet and my other two older children are my reason to make and sell hand made. I want them to see that you CAN do what you strive for.

That no matter what your dream big or small you can succeed.

Yes it's not going to make me rich, but at least i'm happy.

I want them to grow up in a world where they are capable to make and do themselves. A sustainable world where not everything comes from a big chain store, but from a person who gave the item love and attention.

When buying hand made you get a story, the way it was touched, handled. You can see the thought that went into the item and often you can't get an exact copy of the product you purchased.

I make in small batches to you won't walk down the street seeing someone where the exact same piece as you.

So next time you go to purchase that $10 decor item or piece of jewellery from a chain store please reconsider. Save up a little more and buy a QUALITY product from a hand made supplier or look online at the Australian FIND A MAKER

I'll bet someone will ask you where you purchased such a unique item from xx



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