G E N E R A L   C U S T O M   O R D E R S

Have a favourite colour? Need a particular look for an outfit or occasion?
Just have something else in mind?
The please feel free to contact me! I love making one off pieces with the colour or style that you'll love! Some necklace or earring styles haves their own custom option but please contact me prior to purchase to discuss options.

C U S T O M   C A P T U R E D   I N   T I M E   O R D E R S

Want a special piece captured in resin as a piece of jewellery, ring cone or dish?

I am happy to take custom orders where you provide the material you would like to capture in resin. 

 Providing materials to capture

You will need to provide me with more than one sample of the material. Larger pieces such as ring cones or dished will need a much larger volume of material than earrings or necklaces. I also want to ensure that I can make a spare item at no extra cost - only if circumstances occur where there is a fault or a bubble in the pour.
Any excess material will be sent back to you with your order.

Pieces I can capture include:

- Dried flowers + leaves.
(Tasmania only as organic materials can not be posted into the state.

Material must be well dried or live material can be used however there will be an extra charge to dry or press the flowers/leaves)
- Rocks + Stones.
- Broken ceramics.
- Small toys or plastic pieces including glass.
- Dried food including sprinkles.
- Pet fur.
(I do not work with human organic material: including hair, breast milk, umbilical cords, etc.)

I can also try and source specific flowers or elements at an extra charge for you if you are interstate and can not post organic materials. 


To order a custom captured in time piece

1. Head to this link to choose your piece/s + add to cart.


2. At the checkout in the notes section please list the material with quantity you will be sending - If it is fresh please state this and drop off can be arranged in the next step via email.

3.Once purchased, you will be contacted within 2 business days confirming above material listed and quantities to ensure there is enough for the object purchased -  including an address to post materials.

4. Once confirmed and material has been received or sourced, please allow up to a maximum of 20 business days for your order to be made (Excludes postage time). This may be longer if fresh material is provided and it needs to be pressed & or dried.



To request a custom piece or for any questions regarding resin pieces please email me at: