Eco Friendly Packaging & Making Methods.


Eco Friendly Packaging & Making Methods.

The environment and waste is very important to me!

Therefor I have taken the steps I can to ensure the longevity of my jewellery and make earth sensitive choices with my packaging. 

M A K I N G  M E T H O D S

I am very mindful when purchasing findings and most of my best selling pieces are made to order, this not only saves money but saves on waste.

If pieces are ready made, designs are not made in excess. There will usually only be one or two, if your lucky, of the same item per restock.

I am always happy to custom make a sold out item to order, just ask!

Scrap clay from other projects is always reused to make other colours - Nothing goes into the bin if it can be reused!


My earring cards aren't made from firm linen or anything extravagant

INSTEAD they are made from simple paper anprinted in black and white, Why?

My card stock is either 100% recycled card from vista print or sustainably sourced card stock from Moo printing. This I think is very important even though printing on eco friendly paper costs and extra pretty penny! 

I only choose minimal black ink because it saves money, is easier and quicker to print and is much more eco friendly than glossy foils that take more energy and time to be printed.

Plastic packaging is avoided where possible, If you do receive any bubble wrap please know it has been recycled from packaging I have received. If necessary I use recycled tissue paper from noissue co and wrap your orders up in either recycled brown paper or eco friendly honeycomb wrap.

Everything down to the natural fiber string has been thoughtfully chosen

to be eco friendly.

Dried grasses and flowers to make your order that little bit special are locally sourced and dried by me! Yes this all can often take a little extra work for me but anything to help the environment is worth it!

C O T T O N  B A G S

I provide Hand stamped cotton bags with care instructions to compliment my jewellery when sold. These are locally hand made by my mother in law and stamped with a sustainable rubber stamp from Woodruff & Co that since purchasing 3 years ago is still going strong & ... I have NEVER had to buy another ink pad.

These little bags are perfect to store your jewellery when traveling, in your handbag for lipstick, hair bands or bobby pins. The uses are endless!


F U T U R E 

As Marniie grows I will continue to search for new eco friendly affordable substitutes  -  my next mission is to be able to afford paper packing tape/ dispenser!

Briana - MARNIIE xx